Angela ArceseHi there —  I’m Angela Arcese.

I learned to read when I was three. My mom would sit me on her lap and point to words as she said them, and soon it clicked and I was reading everything.

Over time, I became an expert. I wrote poems, stories, straight news, features, headlines, press releases, and ad and catalog copy. I read, researched, and analyzed. I became a book editor and did everything “book,” from managing projects to copyediting, proofreading, and promoting.

But a couple of years ago, my Facebook bio said, “In limbo.” A Taos Pueblo silversmith asked my name and I answered, “I don’t know anymore.”

All my expertise had become a burden. It made something simple —  who and where I was — seem complex.

“Words Are Sexy” is about branding and connecting to “the first place.” The simple stuff. True words, stories that stick.

During a hiatus in which I’ve reconsidered the focus of this blog, I became certified at NYU’s school of professional studies in brand storytelling (“BS” for short–but let’s hope it’s on the sincere side!). Although BS includes more than words, its genesis lies in them.

The posts here will cover things like how sincere brand storytelling can work as a powerful tool to build trust. To move your clients, buyers, or any other audience emotionally. Its form as story means its origins lie deep in human consciousness and even lives in human bodies.

All of that, via words. Let them draw you in, wrap you up, and uncover you.



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